Creating Lasting Traditions

Growing up I was very into traditions! Just ask my mom. Now that I have a family of my own, I’m still into traditions. As the years have passed we’ve tweaked and created traditions that work for our own family.

This time of year there is a lot of tradition-sharing on the internet…traditions of food, crafts, activities, and of giving. Sometimes it can seem exhausting wondering how to make it all happen.  (It seems this was different in the pre-Internet era. Do you think? Traditions really were what YOUR family did because you didn’t know any different!) I love reading about what other families do. Sometimes it sparks an idea of a tradition I would like to create with my family. I have also learned that we shouldn’t adopt another tradition unless it is meaningful for our family.

In the spirit of sharing traditions…I wanted to post a handout I created last Christmas to share with some of the women at our church. Maybe it will spark some ideas for you.

Like many families, we create a daily list of small and big activities we want to do leading up to Christmas Day. (If you want to make this SUPER simple, buy some gift tags at Target, write your activities on one side with dates on the other, tie them to a ribbon.) One of our favorites is to Skype the grandparents and carol to them! It is just the kind of tradition that binds our family together in love. Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition that you feel binds your family this time of year?

7 comments on “Creating Lasting Traditions

  1. You are very down to earth Andrea.
    Great ideas, thanks for sharing!
    Love DAD

  2. When Tyler, Andrea and their children called to sing Christmas carols to us we didn’t know we were part of a tradition. We’re looking forward to it next year! We’re very lucky grandparents to have a son and daughter-in-law that make life wonderful for our grand kids!

  3. Glad you liked it G’ma B!!!

  4. Nancy Arnold on said:

    Sometimes a person is creating a tradition and doesn’t realize it until someone says “Aren’t we going to do ________, like we did last year.” It was fun to see your ideas.

  5. Nancy Arnold on said:

    I guess because I like to cook, a lot of my traditions involve making certain foods that my family love.

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