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A few weeks ago our family headed out on a bike ride on a trail near our home. Partway through the ride we unloaded everyone out of the bike trailers and headed off the path to do a little exploring. We soon found a pathway that demanded exploring. As I led everyone down the path I soon realized this was a bit of an unusual walking path. We were ducking under fallen trees and wading through burrs. I could see the creek up ahead and was curious to see the water level and where it lead to. Our path led us right to the creek and to a large patch of beaten down grass, a lone, scratched up tree, and a giant hole in the ground. I realized that I had just led my little children to a coyotes’ den.

While I knew better than to say anything, I did, and of course, our little girls were frightened and we bounded back up the path in record time! In the coyotes’ defense, I hear they are quite harmless, but when I hear them at night behind our house I do feel a bit uneasy. :)

As we rode home, my husband and I were riding side by side on our bikes and he looked at me and said, “I think I just got a taste of your childhood right there.” I smiled and assured him that yes, I spent a lot of time turning over rocks, catching frogs, wading, and exploring in the fields behind my childhood home. I have often wondered how this interaction with nature has benefited me. If I would practiced math more would I be more “scholarly?” If I would have put together model airplanes, like my husband, I would have more skills to help my daughter with all of the artsy things she wants to create. If I would have put my hand to a sewing machine, then I could sew amazing dress-ups and quilts for my children. The list goes on…I’m guessing we all ask ourselves these questions from time to time–the “what-ifs.” While I know there can be positive aspects to this type of self-reflection, it can also get a little discouraging! I decided that rather than ask myself “Why didn’t I?” or “What if I…,” I needed to ask myself, “What did I?” and “What did it do for me?”

I had a chance to escape on a run last week after my husband returned from work. I was surrounded by Autumn. The leaves were spiraling down from the trees, the air was crisp, and there was a perfect warm sun setting in the west. I stopped and faced the sun, stretched, and watched the world stand still. At that moment I felt my answer. All those hours spent feeling rocks underneath my bare feet, or watching a lady bug walk along a blade of grass were my opportunity to build a relationship with God. In quiet moments I learned of Him and His creations. I believe in a Heavenly Father who created us and this amazing universe that we are a part of.

One of my favorite visual reminders that God is there is captured perfectly in this time-lapse video of the milky way that a friend of mine made.

While we were sleeping from pjmckellar on Vimeo.

Perhaps part of the reason I love it so much is that it reminds me of home, but I also love how it reminds me that God is there.

 Image courtesy of:
Video courtesy of: Peter McKellar


3 comments on “An Answer

  1. Love your words Andrea and love the video. Very inspiring

  2. Your childhood was a lot like mine. The video brings back memories of sleeping out at night under the stars and being able to see the stars. Thanks for this.

  3. Very nice Andrea. Good stuff. Funny the recollections being slightly different from a boy and a girl. I remember all the above, plus shooting ground squirrels, trying to scare Lexie with snakes, etc, etc, :) Good times.

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